Art of wine

At Veuve Clicquot, the vine is considered to be the nourishing mother and is therefore the focus of everyone’s attention. Throughout the seasons, it receives the care necessary to ensure that it develops fully with a view to revealing the best of itself: grapes of exceptional quality.

We Are Clicquot

Discover "We Are Clicquot", an incredible series of human portraits: wine producers, production staff, oenologists, etc. tell us about their work, their expertise, their daily lives and share with us their passion for creating Veuve Clicquot champagne.

Episode #1 : Christophe, Winegrower

We Are Clicquot

Episode #1 : Christophe, Winegrower

Christophe Simon has worked in the vineyards of Veuve Clicquot for almost 25 years. The son of Veuve Clicquot employees, he says the House is a part of his family heritage. He admits that the unpredictability of the weather is the most risky part of his job, but it’s contradictorily the most rewarding – when Veuve Clicquot achieves a beautiful harvest of grapes.

Episode #2 : Marie-Pascale, Manual Labelling

We Are Clicquot

Episode #2 : Marie-Pascale, Manual Labelling

Marie-Pascale was born and raised in Champagne, as were her parents. She works in the specialty bottle-labeling workshop, meticulously dressing the most distinguished bottles of the House – often by hand. This job is a true art form that can employ leather, plated gold, or other haute gamme materials. The first thing you notice about champagne is its bottle – so it must be perfect – to represent the quality of Veuve Clicquot. Discover Marie-Pascale’s story.

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Harvest Diary

“The harvest begins at Veuve Clicquot.
More than 1300 people participate in this great effort, and I have the distinct pleasure of leading them in the charge. For the next two to three weeks we will harvest the year-long fruits of our vines’ labor – the first step in the creation of our champagne. 
Each vital member of the House will unite around our wines and the Veuve Clicquot seasonal workers – from the oenologists and the technical teams to the administrative staff – each will come to offer their professional contribution. And even if not physically in vineyards themselves, our team will offer their expertise, energy and guidance so as to contribute in their individual way to a most important moment of the year. 
I want to invite you to take part as well, and I plan to share with you the daily notes I take during this special time. Big vineyard moments are as crucial as the small ones as they pepper this harvesting adventure that is both technical and human, and renewed every year.
Two times per week I will share the notes of my Harvest Diary with our faithful followers. I hope that this allows you to feel you are also taking part in these vineyard days, lived with intensity and passion. You shall be, in one way or another, the harvesters in your hearts. Whether nearby or across the world, your own interest in winemaking leads you to contribute in spirit to the 2014 Veuve Clicquot harvest.” 
C. Renard - the Vineyard Director
Sketches: Martin Tourné / Agence Fantom

From the vineyard to the bottle

Winter is the season for pruning, carried out patiently by hand until the end of March. Then comes the tying up: the vine stocks left over after pruning are tied to a trellis. In May, those shoots with little or no grapes are cut off in what is known as ébourgeonnage, or bud pruning. All throughout the spring, the vines are protected if necessary in a reasoned way from disease and pests. The appearance of blossoms, around 20 June, is considered take place 100 days before the beginning of the harvest. While waiting for the harvest to take place, the branches of the vines are raised to a vertical position and tied to the trellis and the budding shoots are trimmed to guarantee optimum photosynthesis.

All the stages

Respecting the environment : a long-standing commitment

As a guarantee of our House motto “Only one quality, the finest”, respect for the land is part of our heritage as well as essential to our core business. A fundamental value that we share with all of our partners and our clients, it dictates all the initiatives we take with regard to preserving the environment, through five major commitments :

  • Monitoring environmental risks
  • Reducing the ecological impact of our business
  • Pursuing a policy of responsibility with a view to improving our performance
  • Involving all our employees and partners in our approach to protecting the environment
  • Sharing our environmental requirements/values

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