Respecting the environment : a long-standing commitment

As a guarantee of our House motto “Only one quality, the finest”, respect for the land is part of our heritage as well as essential to our core business. A fundamental value that we share with all of our partners and our clients, it dictates all the initiatives we take with regard to preserving the environment, through five major commitments :

  • Monitoring environmental risks
  • Reducing the ecological impact of our business
  • Pursuing a policy of responsibility with a view to improving our performance
  • Involving all our employees and partners in our approach to protecting the environment
  • Sharing our environmental requirements/values

More about our commitments

From conviction to action


Because the exceptional quality of our wines is largely due to the unique terroir from which they are produced, environmental concerns have always played an integral part in our striving for innovation and excellence. Fully aware of the importance of its role, the House has maintained an active approach in all aspects of its business, from the work in the vineyard to the distribution of its wines.

• Sustainable viticulture practices throughout all House vineyards
• Environmental Management System (SMEI): ISO 14001 certified since February 2004
• Implementation of the HACCP* process (method for analysing food safety risks)
• Carbon Footprint objectives achieved in 2002
• Optimised water management
• Selective sorting of waste
• Optimised energy consumption
• Preservation of soil quality
• Promotion of eco-design
• Construction or renovation projects conducted in accordance with HQE (High Environmental Quality) targets
• Use of renewable energies
• Staff trained in good environmental practices
• Environmental criteria included in staff remuneration

*Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point



Supporting evidence

The significant concrete actions and resources allocated to our environmental policy are proof of our dedication to sustainable viticulture. The Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin House is committed to continuously improving its indicators and processes with regard to objectives:

Sustainable viticulture: 100% of all its vineyards
40% reduction in phytosanitary chemicals in 9 years
78% of the vineyards are to be treated with sexual confusion techniques
ISO 22000 certified in June 2008
19 sites are ISO 14001-certified
7% reduction in packaging weight in 5 years
53.6% reduction in water consumption over 7 years
100% of waste water is treated
100% of waste is sorted and recycled
100,000 km of less travel per year thanks to web conferences (i.e. 10% reduction in travel)
15% reduction in greenhouse gases per bottle produced
Renovation of the Hôtel du Marc in accordance with HQE objectives (High Environmental Quality): use of renewable energies, 65% reduction in energy consumption and 90% in greenhouse gases