La Grande Dame 2004


The colour is luminous, sparkling gold with amber highlights.

There is plenty of effervescence. The fine, light bead swirls up slowly and gracefully. The first nose reveals a definite mineral base, with noble fruit (white peaches, bergamot) and remarkable intensity.
On agitating, the bouquet becomes gourmand and voluptuous with hints of brioche, nougat, apricot, vanilla, frangipane and jasmine.

On the palate, there is plenty of body and substance. The texture is crisp and silky. The chalky mineral note resonates magnificently with this full-bodied structure and intensifies the lengthy persistence. The Verzenay/Avize duet (the two dominant crus in this blend of 8 grand crus) takes on its full dimension. The finish is fresh and generous, indicating a light dosage that does nothing to disturb the wine’s natural balance.

La Grande Dame 2004 Rosé

The colour is a luminescent, coppery pink sparkling with amber highlights. The plentiful fine, light bubbles describe graceful, indolent arabesques. The first nose reveals a solid mineral structure, noble fruit (white peach, red currant, raspberry, blueberry) and remarkable intensity. Swirling the wine, the bouquet becomes more luxurious and voluptuous with notes of brioche, nougat, cinnamon and cherry.
In the mouth, the wine is substantial and full-bodied. The texture is crisp and silky. The minerality of the chalk resonates brilliantly with the meaty structure and amplifies the length of the finish. The red wine from Bouzy (Clos Colin plot) adds a majestic foundation and the potential for ageing for the next generation. The finish is fresh and generous, giving a glimpse of the discreet liqueuring, which does not upset the wine's natural balance.





97 pts - April 2012


Brut Grande Dame 2004. “[...] And the wine delivers. My goodness, does it deliver! Close acquaintances of La Grande Dame will fondly recall the layered complexity of 1998. Six years younger, 2004 is breathtakingly pristine and youthful. Its defining feature is its minerality, its deep and all-pervading chalk. An exceedingly refined fruit profile is alive with energy and awe-inspiring persistence, uniting red fruits, lemon and grapefruit zest with a flicker of mixed spice and toast. [...]”

98 pts

Gilbert & Gaillard - April 2012

Brut Grande Dame 2004. "Pale gold colour. Fine nose with fresh fruit and stone fruit notes, with discreet hints of brioche. It shows seductive fullness on the palate, and its distinctive taste is structured by an ethereal freshness, while its persistance increases in complexity as the seconds go by."

98 pts

Sydney Morning Herald - May 2012

Brut Grande Dame 2004. "A magical wine, refined and stylish, with piercing aromas of citrus and smoky/toasty pinot, a hint of mushroom and even Vegemite. Riche, full palate with profound, powerful flavour. Endless aftertaste of great harmony. Now to six years."

94 pts

Wine enthusiast - September 2012

Brut Grande Dame 2004. "This is a rich and creamy Champagne with a lively mousse, giving it a forward fruit character. Slowly the depth and concentration of the wine come through, with a white fruit flavor and hints of grapefruit and toasty yeast, which all promising good aging."

94 pts

Wine spectator - October 2012

Brut Grande Dame 2004. "Very elegant, this is all in the details: precise and silky texture, mouthwatering acidity and a smoky, mineral undertow that enriches flavors of patisserie pear, crystallized honey, kumquat and toasted almond. Offers a clean, citrus-tinged finish. Drink now through 2027."


Bettane & Desseauve - November 2012

Brut Grande Dame 2004. "Its style is more consensual than the Vintage, but it has incredible class, this vintage will be a true great: wonderful ethereal volume, marvellous elegance, unforgettable length. Great art."

93 pts

Wine enthusiast - September 2012

Rosé Grande Dame 2004. "This has a toasty edge that complements the ripe red fruit and attractive lemon and yeast character. It seems to be well on its way to maturity, retaining a fruity style while its flavors are beginning to dig deeper."

96 pts

Grandi Champagne 2012 - October 2012

Rosé Grande Dame 2004. "A golden pink colour. A characteristic nose for a rosé which is up there with the very best, those whose embrace is far from syrupy, though it seduces with a profusion of fruity flavours (stone fruit, including medlar, peach, cherry). On the other hand, this wine is so dense that it almost seems closed in on itself, and takes time to reveal its mineral base. This explains the impression on tasting: initially the wine seems inexpressive, but from the first mouthful it opens like an estuary, first full-bodied, then very fruity, and finally mineral, all with a thread of acidity. The finish reveals an almost infinite note of mountain salt, despite a persistant fruity roundness which clings to the palate with a certain stubbornness."