Cave Privée 1990

A lovely bronze/golden tinge to the colour. Effervescence is fine and long-lasting. An impressive nose that is intense and exceedingly rich, complex and concentrated from the start. Two types of fruit notes dominate: candied - almost cooked - fruits and citrus fragrances. Aerating the wine reveals vanilla notes of rare elegance, underpinned by mineral scents. On the palate, a forthright first impression quickly gives way to the structure. Hints of liqueur and candied citrus give the wine beautiful freshness. A voluptuous, long finish.

Cave Privée 1990 Rosé

A reference
The 1990 vintage is imposing. 1990 fulfilled all a Cellar Master’s wishes simultaneously with the wine prepared under conditions close to perfection before majestically maturing in the cellar. The colour attracts our attention, with its remarkable copper tints, both luminous and sustained. The nose is an explosion of aromas going off in every direction! The fruit is pure indulgence with notes of Morello cherries and gingerbread, followed more fleetingly by peat and liquorice. The palate is smooth with delicate bubbles that seem more soft than effervescent. The length appears interminable, the strength of the Pinot Noir lending an ample winey character. The low dosage comes into its own prolonging the finish.

Pinot Noir à la Clicquot
Champagne Rosé wines have a very specific enigmatic character: the blend of red and white wines gives a distinctive colour which evolves with time and the container: the magnum does not give exactly the same shades of colour as the bottle. This is not the only difference however. The nose is less exuberant, spicy and more discrete… The palate is an archetype of the Clicquot texture: generous and ample with a backdrop of minerality. The 15% of red Bouzy wines play an important role, providing substance and depth. This wine in its magnum is still reserved, an adolescent which will grow up and assert itself.

Cave Privée 1989 Blanc

Mysterious 1989
The white in the 1989 vintage is surprising: this hot year gave full, round, supple wines. We re(discover) this wine with its assertive youth and unexpected freshness on the first contact with the palate. The wine has a full-flavoured immediacy, the basic structure of Pinot Noir giving a strong palate. What presence, what length! Swirling it in a rounded flute, our alert senses are endlessly challenged by scents of ripe fruit, dried fruit and spices. We can already discern a few discrete notes of saffron, badian, sandalwood and eau de vie. This great wine is very far from its peak: already fullbodied, it discretely reveals the strength it will show over the next 20 years.

A salty, mineral character
It is public knowledge that magnums are generally better suited to wine than bottles: is this really so? In this case, there is no possible comparison and we feel we are in the presence of another wine! The wine has been rejuvenated in this container. It is much fresher, younger: notes of clementine and fresh apricots (more often associated with much younger wines) stand out. One is tempted to glance at the label to check the vintage...! The wine’s existence in a magnum has slowed down its development giving it a very different personality to the wine contained in the bottle, one more reserved and with a more pronounced salty, mineral character.

A message in a bottle
Opening a Jeroboam is often a ceremonial occasion. It is also an opportunity to share the same wine with a wider audience over a longer time. The format suspends the certitudes we have acquired about Champagne wines: this wine is full of contrast. This giant format takes the wine back to a youthful phase of its evolution: the notes of yeast are still present and the minerality pronounced. The composition of the 1989 vintage is perceptible in the background. After long minutes, the character of the 1989 vintage gains ground against that of the Jeroboam, its signature appearing with unparalleled depth and complexity. What a tasting!

Cave Privée 1989 Rosé

Beautiful peachy pink colour with fine, long-lasting effervescence. The initial nose is enchanting, calling up notes of roast coffee, mocha and cocoa that give way to more complex aromas, with a mineral background typical of the red wines from Champagne. The flavour of forest fruits explode in the mouth underlining the structure and freshness, whereas the scent of citrus and candied figs with a delicate finish of dried figs enhance the wine's silky acidity. A generous thrust carries through to a smooth finish reminiscent of dried fruit.
The 1989 Vintage Rosé Bottle offers good ageing potential for more than 15 years.

Cave Privée 1982 Blanc

The multifaceted champagne
Following on two consecutive years of small harvests, 1982 was a particularly abundant year in Champagne. The September weather was exceptional, enabling the grapes to ripen to perfection. The blend for this vintage was composed solely of Pinot Noir (2/3) and Chardonnay (1/3). The gold colour, with amber reflections, sets the tone: this is a wine which will reveal itself! The effervescence is light, delicate, subtle and slowly deployed. The nose is very rich with dried fruit, hints of cocoa, salted butter caramel and candied citrus fruit. The palate is surprisingly youthful, the minerality emphasizing the wine’s freshness, the finish ending with notes of dried apricot and sandalwood. We are impressed by the wine’s ability to adapt giving a sensation of freshness for an aperitif and depth for a meal!

Maturity comes with time
The bottle from the Cave Privée de Veuve Clicquot 1982 set very high standards: what should we therefore expect from the same wine in a magnum? Will the equation function in the same manner with a more mature wine? The answer is both yes and no. Yes, as the magnum is full of freshness and its aging potential seems to have hardly begun: we tell ourselves that we could cellar this wine for another ten years or even possibly longer if we could succeed in forgetting it. No, as with time the differences between bottle and magnum diminish slightly to the extent that we are no longer really considering two different wines. The resemblance between the two containers is more fragrant than for a younger wine: it is more a matter of nuances or slight contrasts than of differences. The ripe fruit and toast notes remain predominant. It is mainly on the palate that the magnum differentiates itself, with delicate acidity and floral notes. The low dosage probably contributes to this phenomenon generating a rapprochement between the two formats.

Cave Privée 1980

The wine boasts a beautiful polished gold robe. Effervescence is subdued but still present. The nose is mature and incredibly complex, with fruity notes of jam (clementine), vegetal tones (dark tobacco) and woody aromas (cedar) against a background of spices. Balance in the mouth is perfect with an initial forthrightness giving way to an unending finish underpinned with pastry notes.
Thanks to its tremendous ageing potential, the 1980 Vintage Bottle will continue to develop well for more than 6 years.

Cave Privée 1979 Rosé

Towards other times
This bottle of the Cave Privée Rosé 1979 takes us back 34 years, to the 1970s, a decade that did not produce many vintage years capable of long ageing. The 1979 is an exception which confirms this rule with a rather late harvest and grapes that took time to ripen. The colour today is warm and deep (the blend contains 19% red Bouzy wines) with copper glints. The nose is heady with notes of saffron, curry, leather, dark fruit and a hint of eau de vie. What a youthful palate: we are struck by its freshness underlining the saline character of our chalky terroir. The rich finish has a texture that admits us to the world of great Pinot Noirs. The bubbles are discrete: for this great wine effervescence is only secondary.

Time has stopped
This magnum is a revelation, a calling into question. The Pinot Noir adopts here a subtlety and elegance that we imagined only possible with great Burgundy terroirs. The balance between texture and sparkling freshness of the wine is unique: this youth is almost insolent. The first nose is still reserved: the fullness only emerges after half an hour. On the palate, the harmony between full body and minerality is captivating. The red wines of Bouzy produce strong structure and an impressively long finish, giving a strange sensation of both culmination and commencement. The cellaring potential still seems virtually intact!

Cave Privée 1978 Rosé

The salmon robe is deep and beautiful. The mousse is fine and still very present. The powerful and complex nose calls up woody tones against a mineral background. The palate is incredibly fresh for this wine dating from more than one-third of a century ago.
An underpinning of hay, leather and even Oriental spices enhances the complex aromas. This venerable wine is remarkably voluptuous. Thanks to its tremendous ageing potential, the 1978 Vintage Rosé bottle will continue to improve for more than 6 years.

Cave Privée 1975 Rosé

Very deep colour with peach and salmon tones, suggesting good ageing potential. Fine effervescence, a luxuriant nose with a fruity overtone dominated by ripe plum and cherries gives way to spicier aromas. The high level of red Bouzy wine can be recognized in the mouth: a tight palate with strong structure and a slightly tannic finish. The 1975 Vintage Rosé magnum will age well for over 10 years.

97 pts

Wine enthusiast - October 2012

Cave privée 1990. “This toasty, superbly mature wine is part of a series of releases featuring the house's cellar-matured Champagnes. This emerges from the glass with complex flavors of almond, brioche, citrus and a hint of steeliness. The majestic richness of the wine has fully justified its decades of aging."

94 pts

Wine spectator - October 2012

Cave privée 1990. "Rich flavors and aromas of bread pudding and molasses mix with hints of baked peach, biscuit, ground ginger, fleur de sel and candied orange zest. Elegant, this shows lovely balance, a subtle bead and a delicate yet persistent freshness."

95 pts

Wine spectator - October 2012

Cave privée Rosé 1989. "Rich and creamy, this is aging gracefully. The finely tuned acidity and lightly beaded texture provide an elegant frame for the layers of coffee liqueur, toasted almond, cherry bon bon, iodine and orange peel flavors. The long finish is tinged subtly with smoky mineral. Disgorged October 2008. Drink now through 2022.”