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A range of four products designed with both utility and wit.

From behind her desk in Reims, at the beating heart of the Champagne trade, Madame Clicquot ran her empire boldly, with the stroke of a pen. It was through the mail that she directed her suppliers and agents, and satisfied the wishes of her customers, some at unheard of distances.

Unique among the great houses of Champagne, Veuve Clicquot has maintained the entirety of Madame Clicquot’s correspondence. It is this history that Clicquot Mail celebrates, with a whimsical range of products.

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The Veuve Clicquot World’s Best Female Chef 2014: Helena Rizzo

Helena Rizzo of Mani Restaurant, in São Paulo, Brazil has been named the 2014 Veuve Clicquot World Best Female Chef and will be honored at The World 50 Best Restaurants Awards, sponsored by S.Pellegrino & Acqua Panna, in London on the 28th April.

Mani Restaurant opened its doors in 2006 in the São Paulo suburb of Jardim Paulistano, with the unusual combination of husband and wife working alongside one another in the kitchen. Their clever cooking, respectful of traditional Brazilian culinary practices and ingredients, is married with modern technique and sprinkled with Spanish influence.

This year results will be announced at the annual awards ceremony, held in London Guildhall on 28th April and published live on twitter (@theworlds50best) and later on www.theworlds50best.com. The awards will also be streamed live on www.finedininglovers.com

Rosé Collection: the Haute Couture of champagne

Veuve Clicquot introduces its latest collection

Madame Clicquot, a woman of pioneering soul and inquisitive mind, herself created the first blended pink champagne in 1818. With the new Rosé Collection line, Veuve Clicquot celebrates the exquisite creativity and expansive legacy of the “Grande Dame of Champagne”. The art of blending the qualities of Pinot Noir and Meunier with the full roundness of Chardonnay and the colourful explosion of Bouzy Rouge undeniably entails oenological savoir-faire, one which earned the House the renown it enjoys today. Rosé Collection is a line of decorative gift boxes enclosing a bottle of non-vintage pink champagne, alone or with two flutes. The boxes open in an unfolding of pink pleats, like a delicate dress, to reveal the effervescent creation sheltered within. Trimmed in a motif that appears hand-stitched, these containers – in addition to keeping the champagne chilled for up to two hours – add a touch of elegance to any setting and occasion. The Rosé Collection line means that, once again, the visionary Maison Veuve Clicquot proves synonymous with innovation and style.

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Eco-Responsible packaging revolution : "Naturally Clicquot"

For many years now, ecology has been an essential concern for the House of Veuve Clicquot: from integrated viticulture to the renovation of the Hôtel du Marc, the House has always endeavoured to take environmental issues into consideration through its actions. This year, Veuve Clicquot is going the extra mile with an additional stage in its approach, the creation of an avant-garde isotherm box with reduced impact on the environment : Naturally Clicquot.

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The Veuve Clicquot and Ferrari Art of Living leads to an Exclusive Global Partnership

Both these names enjoy a world-renowned reputation, first and foremost: as Ferrari is the undisputed icon in car industry and motor racing, Veuve Clicquot is a mythical legend in the champagne world. As well, they are also both universally praised for their modern approach, foresight for the future, and for their lifelong quest for excellence – always grounded firmly in tradition. The two daring, highly innovative brands are deeply rooted in their histories, and both have had extraordinary leaders at the helm.

Such strong personalities, touting an inspirational pedigree, created two international successes based on common values. With an unquestioned expertise in their respective domains, they historically pursued a never-ending quest for performance, for high standards, creativity, and boldness. This envisioned world was founded on certain ideals – it instilled an art of living and a preferred taste for the unique and the exceptional.

Today’s art of living embraces a passion for the beautiful; to see life through red and yellow glasses is to enjoy the jet-set world of Veuve Clicquot, constantly accompanying and setting today’s trends.

The ambitious partnership between Clicquot and Ferrari is proud to announce planned global events to celebrate their alliance in all major markets. This year we will see the 2 prestigious brands side by side at mythical classic car events well as Ferrari new model launch and racing shows around the world. Naturally, new “lifestyle events” will be created, and special joint ventures will also cause a sparkling social stir. Coming soon, the pair’s design team are innovating extraordinary and celebratory new creations.

The Ferrari-Veuve Clicquot story has only just begun to be told – promising a long fairytale to come. Celebrating Ferrari Formula 1 Grand Prix wins in China and Barcelona, the 2 prestigious brands will continue to show their passion at the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix this week-end.


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Wish You Were Here provides the opportunity for every Veuve Clicquot fan to discover current and past events related to the Global Season online and look for upcoming events in their own country or any country of interest. Wish You Were Here aims to further establish what the Veuve Cliquot world is about - taste, innovation, glamour, refinement, festivities, celebration, heritage, and some “Zeste de Folie”.
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